Some common reasons why people choose sedation dentistry

  • "I hate going to the dentist!"
  • If bad breath, loose teeth, broken teeth, missing teeth, ugly smile bother you and you just want it fixed, but are too scared.
  • I am so embarrassed by my smile because I have put it off for way too long.”
  • “I just want a new smile but am too scared to have the work done!”
  • “I just want to have my teeth and mouth healthy again, so I don’t lose any more teeth.”
  • “I am terrified of needles, especially in the mouth.”
  • “I feel claustrophobic when I am in the chair.”
  • “I have no time and want as much done as possible in as few visits as possible.”
  • “I hate pain”
  • “I am in extreme pain now as I have left it until I cannot take it any longer.”
  • “ I don’t like the tastes, sounds, smells and discomfort associated with dental treatment.”
  • “I have extremely sensitive or painful teeth”
  • “I gag easily”
  • “I cannot keep my mouth open.”
  • “I had a traumatic experience in the past and am very scared of pain.”
  • “I get fidgety and bored with long dental appointments.”
  • “I want to get dentistry over and done with as quickly and painlessly as possible.”


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